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Why playgrounds are good for business

How playgrounds create a strong, family-friendly brand image that delivers solid returns.

Incorporating playgrounds in shopping centres and commercial venues is more than just a strategy to entertain children. Play areas can significantly enhance the customer experience, boost foot traffic and increase sales.

Playgrounds are a significant investment. Let’s explore why the upfront costs can yield substantial returns for businesses.

Playgrounds attract more visitors

One of the primary benefits of having a playground in a shopping centre or commercial venue is the increased foot traffic it generates. Families are more likely to visit and stay longer in places where children can play safely. Studies have shown that family-friendly amenities can lead to higher foot traffic as parents seek out destinations that cater to their children’s needs. Playgrounds act as a magnet for families, drawing them in and encouraging longer visits, which can lead to increased spending.

Enhancing the customer experience

Providing a commercial playground enhances the overall customer experience by creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for families. When children are entertained and engaged, parents can shop more comfortably and spend more time exploring the offerings of the shopping centre or venue. Research shows that families tend to spend more money and time in places where their children are happy and occupied. A positive experience encourages repeat visits and fosters customer loyalty.

Supporting local businesses

Playgrounds can also support local businesses within the shopping centre or commercial venue. When families are drawn to the area by the playground, they are more likely to patronise surrounding shops, cafes and restaurants. This increased foot traffic benefits all businesses in the vicinity. Mixed-use developments with playgrounds often experience higher occupancy rates and greater tenant satisfaction. By creating a family-friendly environment, shopping centres can boost the success of their tenants and enhance the overall business ecosystem.

Promoting health and well-being

Playgrounds are not only fun but also promote physical health and well-being. Providing children with a space to be active helps combat issues such as childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Regular physical activity is crucial for the healthy development of children, improving their physical, mental and emotional well-being. By offering a place for children to play and exercise, shopping centres contribute positively to the community’s health.

Building a community hub

Incorporating playgrounds into commercial venues can help build a sense of community. Play areas become gathering spots where families can meet, socialise and engage with each other. This communal atmosphere enhances the appeal of the shopping centre or venue, making it a preferred destination for families. A sense of community can also foster customer loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion. Community-centric businesses often see higher customer retention rates and increased brand loyalty.

Safety and convenience for parents

Parents value the convenience and safety that playgrounds in commercial venues provide. A well-designed, safe play area allows parents to supervise their children easily while shopping or dining nearby. This convenience is a significant draw for parents, who appreciate the opportunity to run errands or enjoy a meal while their children are entertained in a secure environment. Shopping centres that prioritise safety and convenience for families are more likely to attract and retain customers.

Competitive advantage

In a competitive retail environment, having unique amenities like playgrounds can provide a significant advantage. Shopping centres and commercial venues that offer play areas distinguish themselves from competitors, attracting more visitors and encouraging repeat business. The inclusion of a playground can be a decisive factor for families when choosing where to spend their time and money. Parents often prefer shopping centres with play areas over those without, highlighting the competitive edge that playgrounds can provide.

Positive brand perception

Installing a playground can enhance the overall brand perception of a shopping centre or commercial venue. It demonstrates a commitment to creating a family-friendly environment and shows that the business cares about the well-being and happiness of its customers. This positive perception can improve customer satisfaction and encourage positive reviews and recommendations. A strong, family-friendly brand image can be a powerful marketing tool, helping to attract a loyal customer base.

Economic benefits

The economic benefits of playgrounds extend beyond increased foot traffic and sales. By making a shopping centre or commercial venue more attractive to families, playgrounds can also increase property values and attract high-quality tenants. Family-friendly amenities can lead to higher property values and increased tenant demand. This long-term economic benefit can significantly enhance the financial performance of a shopping centre or commercial venue.

Incorporating playgrounds into shopping centres and commercial venues offers numerous benefits for businesses. From attracting more visitors and enhancing the customer experience to supporting local businesses and promoting health and well-being, playgrounds are a valuable addition that can drive success. By creating a family-friendly environment, businesses can gain a competitive advantage, foster positive brand perception, and enjoy long-term economic benefits. Investing in playgrounds is not just good for business; it’s also a commitment to supporting families and building stronger communities.

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