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Custom playground design

Every one of our playgrounds is custom-designed to suit your site, space and brief. We draw inspiration from the local culture, character and environment to create bespoke play environments that tell a unique story.

Simple process. Endless possibilities.

No two PlayOn playgrounds are ever the same. We consult you on your objective and criteria, then use architectural drawings or an on-site inspection to develop bespoke concepts perfectly suited to your venue. You’ll get 2D documentation and 3D modelling to review and approve before we start manufacturing.

A world-class design team

A well-designed playground provides a rich array of play experiences, encouraging children of all abilities to engage in active play, imaginative play, sensory exploration and social interaction. Our seasoned designers have a deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of play and incorporate strong design principles to craft environments that inspire holistic development.

Experts in safety and compliance

As playground specialists, we are extremely well-versed in safety and compliance. We will ensure your playground meets and exceeds the relevant safety requirements and is designed to withstand years of busy, active use.

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