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Accessible playground design

The magic of play is for everyone. Our playground designs follow best practice principles for inclusive design and accessibility.

Play for people of all ages, abilities and cultures

Our playspaces exist at the heart of communities. We strongly believe play is for everyone and are committed to creating environments where every individual can delight in the magic of play, regardless of their age, ability or cultural background. At the onset of each project, we closely review your brief and present playground designs that consider best practice principles for inclusive design and accessibility.

  • Find – communicate the purpose and location of play elements and facilities.
  • Fit – provide a range of play opportunities for people of all abilities and sizes.
  • Choose – enable exciting individual experiences and social interaction.
  • Thrive – challenge and involve people of all capabilities.
  • Join in – create opportunities for everyone to connect.
  • Belong – create a place that’s welcoming and comfortable.

Dedicated inclusivity range

As part of PlayCo, we offer an unsurpassed catalogue of Australian-made playgrounds including a dedicated range of inclusive play equipment. From sensory panels and all-abilities swing seats to basket swings, these elements prioritise accessibility and safety without compromising on fun. Speak to our design team to learn more about our range and custom playground designs.

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