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Blocks commercial playgrounds

Just like toy blocks, this modular play equipment can stack to fit any venue, is cost-effective to construct and loved by kids everywhere.

Arrange and stack in every imaginable way

From small standalone play spaces to huge multi‑level towers with tunnels, bridges and slides, Blocks stack to suit every indoor space and budget. The minimalist, light-filled design has a premium look and feel, with open panels and mesh allowing for easy supervision and a shared family experience

Medium blocks

Plug and play

Block playgrounds can be safely installed in as little as a day, without the added time or expense of concrete foundations, fencing or softfall surfacing. From design to certification, we’ll manage the full end-to-end process for you. 

Chock-a-block with fun 

Blocks can house everything from soft foam obstacles, slides and activity panels to role play units like shops, cubby houses and fire trucks


Built to last 

Durable materials, premium manufacturing and a long warranty period means you’re guaranteed years of safe and happy play. 

Superior safety

Open panels and mesh allow for easy supervision and a shared family experience. All PlayCo equipment is fully certified, undergoing strict compliance tests and meeting the highest possible safety standards.  

Easy cleaning and maintenance

The open, well-ventilated design allows for easy cleaning and access. Plus, thanks to the modular design, each individual element can be upgraded, refurbished, replaced or repaired without causing major disruption to trade. 

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