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PlayOn creates playgrounds that turn commercial venues into popular family destinations.

Shop. Play. Stay.

PlayOn specialise in creating safe, durable playgrounds for shopping centres, retail, residential property developments and other commercial venues. Whatever the project, our aim is to provide kids of all abilities with a safe, engaging play environment and give carers some welcome respite.

Our story

Originally founded as part of Innovative Retail Group, PlayOn has long been considered a leading innovator in the children’s entertainment market. We’ve delivered countless playground projects over the past decade, developing long-term relationships with shopping centres and other commercial developers.

We are immensely proud to work in the play industry. Playgrounds serve as a cornerstone of the community, fostering social interaction, physical activity, and joyful memories for children and families alike. Shopping centre and other commercial playgrounds play huge part in this, creating convenient all-in-one family destinations that deliver five key benefits:

  • Respite: Play areas give parents and carers a rare opportunity to pause, take a seat and supervise.
  • Release: Importantly, stopping for play time also gives children the opportunity to burn some energy and develop invaluable physical, social and cognitive skills. Our skill is choosing the right mix of play elements to engage and entertain kids of all abilities and ages.
  • Reward: Playgrounds often act as a reward for good behaviour, giving carers a way to encourage children to visit the shops, or stay for longer.
  • Relief: Well-designed play areas are safe, secure and allow for easy supervision, acting as a safe haven.
  • Ritual: Playgrounds become a crucial part of a families’ routine. They can enhance carer to child bonding, as well as give people an opportunity to socialise in a safe environment outside of the home.

Our objective is to harness our design expertise and industry experience to maximise these benefits and create inspiring play spaces for the local community. A well-designed playground provides a rich array of play experiences, encouraging children of all abilities to engage in active play, imaginative play, sensory exploration and social interaction. Our seasoned designers have a deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of play and incorporate strong design principles to craft environments that inspire holistic development. Specialising in shopping centres and commercial playgrounds has also allowed us to refine our products and processes, providing a tailored turnkey solution for commercial customers.

In 2023, PlayOn made the decision to further expand our capabilities by joining forces with PlayCo. By working alongside ForPark, RhinoPlay and PlayWorks, we have access to a combined nation-wide network of play consultants, factories, installation and maintenance teams. Today we consider ourselves to be the #1 playground group in Australia, with unsurpassed service and expertise.

Dedicated to creating inclusive playspaces

Our playspaces exist at the heart of communities and we believe they should cater for everyone – young and old, families and carers, and people of all abilities. Our designs follow best practice principles for inclusive design and accessibility, in line with Government guidelines.

  • Find – Communicate the purpose and location of play elements and facilities.
  • Fit – Provide a range of play opportunities for people of all abilities and sizes.
  • Choose – Enable exciting individual experiences and social interaction.
  • Thrive – Challenge and involve people of all capabilities.
  • Join in – Create opportunities for everyone to connect.
  • Belong – Create a place that’s welcoming and comfortable.

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