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Commercial playground manufacturers

We use high-grade materials and manufacturing standards to ensure your playground stands up to every test.

Unsurpassed manufacturing capabilities

As part of PlayCo, we are Australia’s largest and most established playground equipment manufacturer with a nationwide footprint. You can feel confident your playground is built to the highest possible manufacturing standards and backed by a long warranty.

Tried and tested designs

While no two playgrounds look the same, our structures are created using carefully engineered components that have been tried and tested across the full PlayCo range. We use high-grade materials to ensure your equipment stands the test of time. Everything we build and install undergoes strict quality control​ procedures and compliance​ checks, so you can be confident your play equipment is safe.

Short lead times

Thanks to the scale of our business, we have unmatched reliability in our supply chain. We can manufacture and install your playground in a matter of weeks, ensuring your project schedule stays on track.

Spare parts, refurbs and replacements

We carefully select our materials and parts to ensure our play equipment is built to last. However, if the need for repairs does arise, we have warehouses right across Australia so you get fast spare parts and reliable local service.

Australia’s leading commercial playground manufacturers