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Waterloo Bay Hotel


At Waterloo Bay Hotel, we embarked on a journey to create a captivating playground experience with a nautical theme, featuring elements from our Themed Play range, including the charming Lil’ Tinnie and Tug Boat.


Our Themed Play range offers a collection of imaginative elements designed to transport children into a world of maritime adventure. As anchors of the playground, our Lil’ Tinnie and Tug Boat captivate young sailors with their detailed designs and interactive features. These vessels provide endless opportunities for imaginative play, from navigating treacherous waters to embarking on daring rescue missions.


The transformation of Waterloo Bay Hotel’s playground has created a seafaring paradise where children can embark on thrilling adventures and discover the wonders of the ocean. With our Themed Play range, including the iconic Lil’ Tinnie and Tug Boat, at the helm, the playground becomes a hub of exploration, social interaction, and imaginative storytelling.

Through this project, we created a magical maritime destination where young sailors can set sail for adventure and create lasting memories along the shores of Waterloo Bay Hotel.